Thumbs Down for Pink LG Neon TE365

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Whenever I see a pink gadget, like a cellphone for instance, I usually am intrigued by it and would so love to own it and play with it.

Unfortunately, there’s this one pink phone that I do not like at all. It is cute, yes, but unfortunately, this phone is of very poor quality. This phone is the LG Neon TE365 phone. It comes in other colours, too. I just wanted to specifically mention this phone because it comes in pink, which is what I am easily attracted to.

I have talked with a lot of people who own this phone and the most common problem with it is that the phone keeps freezing a lot. It could be you’re making a call, typing a text message, browsing the internet, or even not doing anything at all and the phone would just freeze on you. Some people would say that they just put the phone in their pocket and then when they took it out, toink, it’s frozen.

Another problem is that this phone would just randomly turn off on its own. Same situation, whether you’re doing something or not doing anything at all.

When these happen, the solution would be is to bring the phone in for repair back to the manufacturer. But actually, even if the phone is “repaired” already, it still tends to have the same problems.

Third common problem? The keyboard gets stuck or doesn’t slide properly.

I’m wondering why they still even sell these phones. By the way, other LG phone models may tend to have the same set of problems, too, so be cautious in your decision to purchase any LG phone.

I’m sorry, LG, you know that’s the reality.


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