Month: September 2009

iPhone 3GS vs iPhone 3G

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As far as I can recall, a couple of people have asked me what’s the difference between the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. My answer? The iPhone 3GS is faster (S is for speed!). And it also has the Compass feature. Okay, not such a good answer, eh? I should’ve expected this question to come up at any time and should’ve taken note of the things that make the 3GS better than the 3G.

According to Apple, iPhone 3GS is “the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet. Now with built-in video camera, Voice Control, longer battery life, and more.”

The 3GS camera is 3 megapixels, has autofocus, and video recording. On the other hand, the 3G has only 2 megapixels. Other new features of the 3GS include improved performance (faster!), voice control, and compass. Five other features that come with the latest version software (3.0 and later) include Cut, Copy & Paste, Messages, Spotlight Search, Landscape Keyboard, and Voice Memos.

Battery life for the 3GS is also better with the following differences: Talk time is up to 12 hours on 2G (compared to 10 hours on the 3G), WiFi internet use up to 9 hours (compared to 6 hours on 3G), audio playback is up to 30 hours (compared to 24 hours on 3G), and video playback up to 10 hours (compared to 7 hours on 3G).

Those are basically the differences between the two. Oh and just a note, by looking at the two, there’s no physical difference really. To distinguish between the two, you can take a look at the back. The iPhone label at the back for the 3G is in black, while the 3GS is in chrome just like the Apple logo.

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Photo Credit: CGehlen