Mink – The 3D Makeup Printer

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I like makeup but I wouldn’t exactly spend a ton of money on it.

Mink - 3D Makeup PrinterA few months ago in May, one of the product innovations that was presented at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2014 conference was Mink. Mink is a 3D makeup printer invented by Grace Choi, 31, a Harvard Business School graduate. Basically, it involves using a regular home printer with FDA-approved ink to make eyeshadow, lipstick, or nail polish in any shade you can imagine, or copy from the internet. So, what this means is consumers will have a way to get inexpensive makeup!

With this idea, Mink could potentially disrupt the entire beauty market. Choi wants to make a beauty revolution first, and a business second. She wants to be able to teach the world how to make its own 3D makeup printers from home.

She’s definitely got a pretty cool idea and I wouldn’t mind trying this out myself.

Watch the videos about Mink below:

Print Your Own Makeup at Home with Mink – Disrupt 2014

Hack Your Own Mink – Happy Minking! 😉


Photo Credit: TechCrunch