Gazelle Browser from Microsoft

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Microsoft ResearchGazelle is a “multi-principal operating system” but it is not exactly an operating system, but a web browser. Gazelle’s architecture is loosely modeled on the underlying concepts of operating system design that is why it has been misinterpreted as such. It is a browser prototype that runs on Windows Vista, is coded in C#, and has a conventional user interface that is built with .NET’s WinForms framework.

It shares some similarities with Google Chrome (and recent versions of (IE) Internet Explorer) such as multiprocess browsing, but aims to have more security and stability.

Read HERE about Ars Technica’s analysis on Microsoft Gazelle.

This looks promising. Since IE has been more prone to security attacks, it is a good thing Microsoft is thinking up new ways to have a more secure web browser. I personally don’t really use IE anyway but if Gazelle is released for the public’s use, it should be fun to just test it out.


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