Network Security Basics

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Securing the network may include implementing technologies such as firewalls, VPNs, antivirus, and anti-spam software. These are for first line of defense of the network. In addition, for enterprises, they need to have a comprehensive approach that includes Access Control, Data Privacy, and Compliance.

Firstly, in order to know what kind of security measures should be implemented, it is imperative that you know the network inside out. It is not possible to protect anything unless you clearly understand what you want to protect.

Secondly, you need to understand the different threats, both from internal and external sources. They may be human-based, automated, or a natural phenomenon.

Thirdly, physical security should be established, then partitioning and protecting network boundaries with firewalls, and also putting up workstation firewalls.

For the enterprise security network, Access Control will include Authentication, Authorization, User Provisioning & Identity Administration, and Role Management.

Authentication includes the use of passwords, token cards, and/or biometrics. Authorization policies should be centralized.  User Provisioning & Identity Administration should be automated to prevent human errors. As well, user roles/privileges should be properly managed.

Data Privacy will include encrypting data, classifying data based on sensitivity, and putting up access control lists. Adding a security layer to enterprise search results will additionally prevent access of confidential information.

Automated Compliance controls and processes flexible enough to adapt to meet changing requirements should be used to conform with governance and privacy regulations.

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