The Story Behind Samsung’s Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Design Departure

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I like how my Samsung Galaxy S3 fits perfectly in my hands, but I am curious how the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 would feel like in my hands. Read on to find out the story behind the new design on Samsung’s Galaxy phone.


[tc_dropcap]Samsung has done something very different with this year’s flagship – or different for Samsung, at least. The company that has long held on to the belief that it can produce top-tier hardware using plastics as the core component of device industrial design has switched to an all metal and glass enclosure.[/tc_dropcap] And for those who wondered what a Samsung smartphone using premium materials might feel like, the Galaxy S6 edge in particular is a very promising result. But how did Samsung, of all companies, ever launch a device where design was the primary tentpole feature?


To get to the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, Samsung says it had to start from zero – meaning tossing out the design book that led to dimpled plastic mock-leather backs and shiny plastic hamburger outer ridges. It means taking a step back and opening up the design process to feedback, listening to the complaints…

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