Reading on a Kindle

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Amazon Kindle PaperwhiteLast year in September, I received an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite ebook reader for free from Rogers for being one of their loyal customers. At first I wasn’t sure if I will actually be able to use it since I already had some tablet devices which I can use for the same purpose. Anyway, I tried using it, and it turns out I loved it! It is much better to use than the seemingly brighter-screened iPad or Nexus tablet. The screen can be as bright as the tablets but it is softer on the eyes, like reading on white paper, hence the name.

The Kindle Paperwhite measures 6.7 x 4.6 x 0.36 inches, weighs 7.6 ounces, has 212 pixels per inch, and has 16 levels of grey. It has a smooth rubberized coating that gives the user a good grip on it. This is especially helpful to me because I tend to have slippery fingers. In terms of connectivity, the device is WiFi compatible and has 3G cellular connectivity. Apparently, connecting to the Rogers network is free, however the connection can only be used to access the Amazon store to browse and/or purchase ebooks.

Amazon Kindle PaperwhiteAside from the native Kindle formats AZW and AZW3, the Kindle Paperwhite also supports PDF, MOBI, TXT, PRC, DOC, and DOCX files. Internal storage is 2GB, which can hold around 1,000 books! If only all the hardcover and paperback books I own are stored as ebooks as well, it would surely be awesome. Speaking of which, I still have a whole bunch of books (fiction, inspirational) that I bought from a library sale about a couple years ago which I still have not read. I do not know when I would have the time and chance to read them at the moment.

On my Kindle, I currently have an ebook which I still haven’t finished reading for months now. The only times I have been reading the book is basically when I am riding the public transit (bus/subway). There were a few times before that I would read in bed, but I’m not really in a hurry to finish my current book so I’ll just leave it till my next bus ride (whenever that is — maybe this weekend).

Reading on a Kindle or reading a physical book — I love both but the Kindle is more practical for me nowadays. How about you?


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