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Something new I learned today is that I found that there is a Peering Database which contains details of different peers who are setup in various Internet Exchange points (IX or IXP) around the globe.

So basically, it contains information on what networks are peering, where they are peering, and if they are likely to peer with you. The site is .

An Internet Exchange is where Internet Service Providers (ISPs) exchange internet traffic between their autonomous networks. The primary purpose of this is to have direct interconnection of networks via the exchange, rather than through one or more third party networks, thereby reducing cost, latency, and bandwidth.

Some of the IXs I’m more familiar with (through my workplace)  are the TORIX (Toronto Internet Exchange), NYIIX (New York International Internet Exchange), SIX (Seattle Internet Exchange), and AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange). Some peers have different policies according to their needs. Some have an open policy which means that they can establish BGP peering sessions with those networks who request to peer with them, while others have a selective policy which is attributed by varied reasons.

The data that you can find from the Peering Database are the company information, peering policy information, contact information, public peering exchange points, and private peering facilities. I have to mention that a specific company may be available at several IXs. It depends on the need of the company that wishes to peer, whether they want to establish sessions with all, some, or just one of those IXs where they have a mutual presence.

Photo Credit: Fabienne Serriere


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