Antenna Selection

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In choosing an antenna you want to use for transmission or extending a wireless network range, there are several things you need to determine. I found this list of questions somewhere on the internet (which I copied down when I was trying to decide on an antenna for purchase, but forgot to take note of the source) that will help in the antenna selection process:

  1. What is the operating frequency range of the system?
  2. How much gain is required?
  3. What kind of radiation pattern is desired?
  4. What is the maximum allowable VSWR?
  5. What polarization is required?
  6. What type of connector interface is required?
  7. How much power will the antenna have to handle?
  8. Where will the antenna be mounted?
  9. Is a radome required?
  10. What is the lifetime of the antenna?

Yup, that’s it.

Photo Credit: michaelstyne


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