Bluetooth 3.0 via WiFi

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Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) will officially announce Bluetooth 3.0 on April 21st. This is the new Bluetooth that will allow high-speed data transfers through the use of WiFi.

According to Michael Foley, director of the Bluetooth SIG, devices will “use the regular low-power Bluetooth radios to recognize each other and establish connections, and if they need to transfer a large file, they will be able to turn on their WiFi radios, then turn them off to save power after finishing the transfer.”

Users will hardly notice the switch of Bluetooth to WiFi, except for the sudden increase in data transfer speeds. No actual wireless network will be necessary for this. There will also be a new feature called Enhanced Power Control which will reduce the incidence of disconnects caused by movement such as placing a phone in a pocket or purse. This will be a plus for the headset and handset people.

On the technical side, according to Engadget, it is a Generic Alternate MAC/PHY (AMP) that will enable Bluetooth profiles to take advantage of 802.11 speeds. The 802.11 Protocol Adaption Layer (PAL) will enable the Generic AMP feature to be used with an 802.11 radio.

Photo Credit: Engadget


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