Stop! Please Don’t Send! Click Undo (Gmail)

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There have been times when I wrote an email, pressed send, then suddenly realized that I missed to mention something, or that I wanted to reply to all instead of one or vice versa, or some other likely reason.

During my Wireless Networking school days, I was working on this project with my group mates and we were communicating through email. I’m supposed to reply to all so everyone will be updated of the new developments, but sometimes, I already sent my reply email then realize that I only sent it to one person. That kind of situation is a little bit okay since it only is among my friends, and I could always just send again.

In my job email applications though, that probably has happened to me a couple of times or so. There was this time that I suddenly discovered that I missed an “s” in one word. It was so grammatically wrong and that simply irks me. Or there was this other time that I forgot to attach my resume and then realized it a second too late. No! No! Please don’t send!

Gmail Undo SendThankfully, Gmail has introduced the Undo Send feature in its Gmail Labs recently last March 19th, 2009. You can now take back the email you just sent as long as it is done within a five second time frame. It also has an option to adjust the time to ten seconds, if you prefer. However, it cannot pull back the email you sent once it’s already gone after five seconds.

In addition, there is also a Forgotten Attachment Detector feature in Gmail Labs that will stop you from sending an email if it detects that you mentioned attach but haven’t included any attachments. This actually has saved me once so far.

Of course, the best way to prevent these bloopers from happening is to be extremely careful in the email content you are sending. Double check, or even triple check. Be alert. Try to avoid sending an email when you’re not completely awake, or when you are feeling sluggish. (This is sometimes the reason why these things happen to me. Haha!)

Happy emailing!


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